Matting + Framing

The Basics
• Every image has its own personality and is therefore cropped a bit differently.  We custom matte each
image to fit standard, ready-made frames to make it nice and easy for you to hang.

• Matte border sizes vary slightly to adjust for image cropping and standard frames.

• If you plan to purchase your own frame, simply get the frame size selected.  So, if you ordered an 11 x 14 print, you will need an 11 x 14 frame.

Custom Framing Option
• All prints are professionally custom framed and arrive ready for you to hang.  Prints are hand crafted with a 2.25"  white wood frame, 2" white matte board all the way around, protected kraft backing and wire hanging mount.  We've found the white frame looks best and has a very simple and modern tone allowing the image to be used in many different interior styles.  Just select our "matted + framed" option.  However, if you would like a different framing option, please email us and we'll be happy to accommodate.  

* Please note, art piece is larger than size selected.  Add 2.25" all the way around for final frame dimensions.